Gear Forgings

Forged gears are very versatile, and they can be used in numerous industries. From the points of shock and stress in an automotive application to engine mounts on aircraft and space craft, forgings provide the strength and resilience needed to tolerate extreme, adverse conditions. Philadelphia Forgings provides the gear blanks needed to meet these needs, all while being dependable, timely, and cost-effective.

Forged gears possess many qualities that are often not seen in other materials. An improved grain flow allows the forged gear to be strong, which leads to less breakdowns and its ability to endure harsh environments. Their durability also contributes to less tooth fatigue and the potential to withstand heavier loads.

Philadelphia Forgings provides the following parts for the gear industry:
  • Seamless Rolled Ring Forgings
  • Sleeve Forgings
  • Gear Blank Forgings
  • Pinion Shaft Forgings
  • Hub Forgings, single and double
  • Step Down Forgings
  • Coupling Forgings
  • Center Hub Forgings
  • Spindle Forgings
  • Flange Forgings

Made from a variety of alloys and metals, gear forgings are easily customizable for most applications. Forgings can be made close to net shape with forged-in tapers, steps, and I.D./O.D. dimensions.

We supply forgings for a variety of sizes, from less than an inch to over 216 inches, and a maximum weight over 80,000 pounds. Philadelphia Forgings is dedicated to providing you with the forgings you need regardless of quantity or shape, all while being cost-conscious. Call or email us today for more information on our inventory and custom forgings.