Oil and Gas Industry

Machinery used in the oil and gas industry are known to go through some of the harshest and demanding environments. That's why it is important to have parts that can resist corrosion and cavitation as well as meet strict offshore gas and oil drilling requirements. Philadelphia Forgings has the tough and durable forgings needed to meet these essentials.

Some of the many forgings that Philadelphia Forgings supplies include:
  • Seamless Rolled Rings
  • Hollow bars, tubing, and pipe
  • Wear rings, bearing rings, and guide rings
  • Flanged connectors
  • Cylinders
  • Check valves
  • Swivel stems
  • Shafts, step, and flanged
  • Mandrels
  • Hubs
  • Pump blocks
  • Stabilizers

Products that feature a directional grain flow are suitable for the oil and gas industry. Because of this, forgings are sound and have remarkable mechanical properties. This type of grain flow also provides a longer service life and durability against impact.

Philadelphia Forgings supplies forgings made out of many materials and grades to accommodate off-shore drilling purposes such as alloy, carbon, copper, stainless, nickel base, copper base, titanium, and aluminum. You may place orders that range from one piece to a high quantity of pump blocks, stabilizers, flanges, swivel rings, and custom shapes. Parts can weight anywhere from one pound to 80,000 pounds. Regardless of your needs, Philadelphia Forgings can help make your machinery last for years to come. Call or email us today for more information.