Copper Forging

Philadelphia Forgings is a leading supplier of forged products in a number of materials including alloy steel, carbon steel, and stainless steel as well as non ferrous metals such as copper. Copper forgings and copper alloy forgings are often used in the building industry as well as in marine applications due to their corrosion resistant and biostatic nature.

Below you will see some of the copper forging grades available at Philadelphia Forgings:
  • 101, 110, 145
  • 377, 385
  • 424, 485
  • 636, 642, 675

Properties of Copper Forgings

Copper forgings are extremely ductile due to the malleability of copper, meaning that they are less likely to crack during the forging process. This property helps copper be an extremely cost-effective material. With high electrical and thermal conductivity, copper is also extremely resistant to corrosion, particularly in fresh and seawater applications. Copper is also biostatic, which means organisms such as bacteria will not grow on copper surfaces. Copper also has a highly aesthetic appearance, is easily plated, and, when forged, achieves high levels of strength.

Benefits of Copper Forging:
  • Achieves a dense, refined grain structure for high strength
  • Resists abrasion and deformation by impact
  • Repels biotic growth
  • Resists corrosion even in marine environments
  • Avoids flaws or cracks when forged into thinner sections
  • Can provide a lower cost-per-part

Copper that undergoes hot forging becomes extremely dense with a refined grain structure which allows forged copper products to reach very close dimensional tolerances. Additionally, the ductility of copper allows its forgings to reach a tight standard of uniformity during production of mass parts and components. This ductility also allows copper forgings to be hammered into smaller, thinner sections which resist cracking or developing flaws that lead to leakage. Copper forgings are often alloyed with other elements and achieve desirable characteristics including high impact and tensile strengths as well as resistance to corrosion or abrasion. The wide range of benefits associated with copper alloy forgings allows the product to be a cost-effective alternative to many other metals.

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