Invar Forging

Philadelphia Forgings supplies customers around the nation with high-quality forged products, such as Invar® forgings, which are unique products in our line. With one of the lowest thermal expansion coefficients, Invar® is useful in a number of applications that require high levels of precision and accuracy. Please see the Request a Quote for Forgings page to obtain more information on our Invar® forgings or please visit the Superalloy Forgings page to learn more about Philadelphia Forgings’s other high-performance forged products.

Philadelphia Forgings supplies the following types of Invar® forgings:
  • INVAR® 36
  • INVAR® 36 FC

Properties of Invar® Forgings

Invar® is a widely used alloy that is trademarked by the French company, Imphy Alloys, and can be referred to generically as FeNi36 or by other names such as Alloy 36, Ametek 936™, and Nilo 36™. Invar® contains 64% iron and 36% nickel as well as small amounts of carbon, manganese, and silicon. These alloying elements give Invar® an extremely low thermal coefficient that is roughly 10% of stainless steel. Invar® also is a fairly ductile, tough, and strong material which is able to resist corrosion and avoid stress corrosion cracking.

Invar® forgings are most useful in operations that require high dimensional stability in the event of temperature change. These operations can include cryogenic, aerospace, and aeronautical applications, or any other application that requires extremely tight dimensional tolerances for increased accuracy.

Philadelphia Forgings is based in southeastern Pennsylvania and serves clients located not only in its home state and bordering regions such as New Jersey and Delaware but also anywhere in the United States. Invar® forgings represent only a small portion of the many different types of forgings that Philadelphia Forgings offer. For other nickel-based alloys, please visit the Nickel Alloy Forgings pages or the Superalloys Forgings Page. Other materials that Philadelphia Forgings offers products in include stainless steeltitanium, and aluminum.