Titanium Forging

As one of the preferred forging suppliers for the United States, Philadelphia Forgings provides high-quality titanium forgings that are useful in a number of applications. A lighter alternative to steel, titanium forgings exhibit excellent levels of corrosion resistance as well as exceptional high strength to low weight ratios.

Philadelphia Forgings offers forged products in the following grades of titanium:
  • 6AL4V
  • 6AL2SN4ZR2MO
  • 3AL-25V
  • CP Gr 1

Properties of Titanium Forgings

Titanium is a silvery-white metal that forms a protective oxide covering which makes it extremely resistant to corrosion, even in the presence of seawater and chlorine. Also able to withstand acid and chemical attack, titanium resists erosion as well as other types of metal fatigue. Valued for its strength to weight ratio, titanium forgings have the same ultimate tensile strengths as low alloy steels but are significantly lighter and less dense.

Purposes of Titanium Forgings

Philadelphia Forgings supplies superior titanium forgings that have found uses in a number of industries. Because of its ability to resist corrosion by sea water and to maintain high strength in elevated temperatures, titanium is used in propeller shafts, heat exchangers in desalinization plants, temperature control components for saltwater aquariums, military submarines, and more. Because of its low density, forged titanium products are also valuable in the aviation industry, where it is used for wing structures and airframes. Titanium forgings are also being recognized as advantageous for knives and other tools for backpacking applications. In both aviation and camping, titanium forgings are employed for their light weights.

Titanium is also a valuable alloying element for other materials. Alloy steel forgings, stainless steel forgings,copper forgings, and aluminum forgings all benefit from the addition of titanium. Titanium can be used to refine the grain size in both aluminum and alloy steel and it is used in some stainless steel grades to decrease the amount of carbon present. Copper that is alloyed with titanium increases in hardness.

Philadelphia Forgings is proud to supply superior titanium forgings as well as forged products in a number of other materials. Please go to the General Forging Materials page to see them all or call us today. Our customer base is localized in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware but we are proud to supply forged products to customers based anywhere in the United States.