Open Die Forging Capabilities

For three-dimensional metal components with the highest strength and soundness, Philadelphia Forgings offers closed die forging capabilities that range from a few ounces to over 1,100 pounds each.

Starting with the finest closed die forging materials, Philadelphia Forgings carries out the closed die forging process, also known as impression die forging, to craft parts that cannot be obtained through flat or open dies. Two or more dies with the three-dimensional mold shapes are used to introduce the heated metal workpiece. When the metal reaches a plastic state, the dies forge the workpiece into the desired shape. Like other thermoplastic injection molding processes, excess material is squeezed out and trimmed off for a highly finished result.

The closed die forging method is superior to most other methods for creating metal components. Closed die forging capabilities allow Philadelphia Forgings to produce three-dimensional shapes with intricate and difficult geometries, using materials with enhanced density and homogeneity. The closed die forging process will create components superior in strength and durability to formed, welded, and cast components, and endure demanding applications for longer life cycles.

The materials used for the closed die forging process vary considerably according to the specific application, and can include carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, high alloy steel, low alloy steel, Inconel®, tool steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, titanium, and much more. For more information on closed die forging materials, please visit the forging materials section.

As one of the most reliable suppliers of forgings in the northeast, Philadelphia Forgings serves customers in the Philadelphia area, as well as those in eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and other national locations. Whatever the scope of your needs, Philadelphia Forging’s closed die forging materials, combined with state-of-the-art impression die forging, will create three dimensional forgings that meet exact specifications for every project.