Philadelphia Forgings Capabilities and Services

Shaping metal is essential for a wide variety of industries, such as automotive, aerospace, and consumer. Philadelphia Forgings provides the services clients need to refine their raw or cast metal stock into a more refined, workable material that will result in a higher quality product. With a multitude of forging capabilities and value-added services, such as heat treating, Philadelphia Forgings saves their clients time and money.

Philadelphia Forgings Capabilities

Philadelphia Forgings offers clients open and closed die forging, rolling rings, hand forging, and upset forging. Closed die forging is used to make everything from housewares to aircraft engines. It can be done at varying temperatures and uses two or more dies. Through closed die forgings, one is able to produce three-dimensional shapes; therefore, it’s also referred to as impression die forging because it creates an impression of the desired shape. Open die forging is useful in manufacturing gears, bearings, and materials used in machines that generate power. The materials are not confined laterally as in closed die forging; instead, two flat dies are used, so no impression is made. The ring rolling process begins with open die forging in order to create a workable piece to seamlessly round it before punching a whole in the middle, making a perfectly round ring in the desired diameter.

Value-Added Services and Materials

Philadelphia Forgings offers many value-added services, such as heat treatment and rough machining for metal forgings. By heat treating metal, Philadelphia Forgings can alter the strength and hardness of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and titanium in order to achieve the desired property. Clients may want to refine the grain structure of the metal or improve the metal’s mechanical and physical properties, thus heat treating will accomplish these tasks. Rough machining will allow Philadelphia Forgings to reshape the metal to fit a client’s specifications, and as a result, keep a client’s own manufacturing, machining, and transportation costs low.