Rough Machining for Metal Forgings

Philadelphia Forgings commits to providing customers across the nation with superior forgings. One of the value added processes Philadelphia Forgings supplies is rough machining for forgings such as bars, blocks, hubs, step-down shafts, and forged rings to near net shapes. This forging service dramatically reduces the amount of time required to machine forged stock into a finished product. Whether aluminum forgings, alloy steel forgings, carbon steel forgings, titanium forgings, stainless steel forgings, etc., Philadelphia Forgings supplies the rough machined forged products you need.

What is Rough Machining for Forged Products?

Rough machining changes the shape of forged stock into that which is required by customers. The process of forging increases the strength, soundness, and hardness of stock and improves the metal’s mechanical properties. Raw or cast metal stock has uneven grain structures which can weaken the quality of the final product after machining. Forged stock offers a refined, even grain structure with higher densities and less porosity that results in a higher quality product.

Philadelphia Forgings provides rough machining services to customers who recognize the excellent mechanical properties of forged products and who want to keep their manufacturing, machining, and transportation costs as low as possible. Once customers have the rough machined forgings by Philadelphia Forgings, they can provide the finish machining in a shorter period of time and supply a better quality product to their customers faster and with less expense. With a line of forged products formed through a variety of hot forging processes, including open die forging and upset forging, customers can count on Philadelphia Forgings for exceptional forged parts and components.

Whether you are based in New Jersey, Delaware, or Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Forgings provides the rough machining services for forgings that you need to save time and money in purchasing, transporting, machining, and shipping your products. Contact Philadelphia Forgings today to learn more about rough machining as well as other value added services or please visit the Request a Quote for Forgings page.